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The PEE formula for appraisals

I’ve used a cute title to get your attention, but this is actually a very serious subject. Just take a quick look at Real Estate Agents Authority (REA) Complaints Assessment Committee decisions. You may be surprised at the number of times the issues of appraisals feature. Complaints usually relate to failure to prepare a sufficiently thorough appraisal, or to present it in a manner that ensures the prospective client fully appreciates the information and the implications involved. Are you concerned that when you present an appraisal you are...

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Five fabulous questions

Are you starting your career in real estate? Here's one tip to help you establish yourself - without looking unnecessarily foolish in the process. You can even use it before you join an agency! Find out about your core business area Prepare a simple questionnaire, with about five straightforward questions, such as the ones you'll see below. I recommend you survey at least 200 households, although more is definitely better! I always recommend door-knocking, but you can do this as a telephone survey, although it's not as good for personal branding) ...

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Seven ways you can easily break the law in real estate

Most of us don’t set out to deliberately break the law. But it’s something that is surprisingly easy to do. Perhaps we sometimes drive a little too fast, or use the company’s photocopier to run off brightly-coloured flyers for our son’s school play. Little things that don’t seem to carry much weight in the grand scheme of things, but they can have consequences. In real estate there are many ways to break the law just as easily. Here are seven of the ‘simplest’ ones. Five arise from the Real Estate Agents Authority (Professional Conduct and....

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Stress survival kit

It’s raining. You’re driving to work along a busy motorway. The radio is playing. Although you’re seeing the road ahead and are aware of the cars around you, your brain is mostly focused on the sale you plan to make today. Suddenly the car just in front of yours brakes hard and slews to the left. You catch a glimpse of a fallen motorbike ahead. How do you react to this incident on the road? I can guarantee your first reaction is to stop thinking about that sale! What exactly is stress? Stress is the body’s automatic response....

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The two minute survey in action

Nobody likes cold-callers, right? They always come at an inconvenient time, and whatever they’re promoting, you don’t want a bar of it. But when you get into real estate, you’ve got to learn to prospect one way or another. It’s a simple matter of survival. But you still turn your nose up at door-knocking, right? That’s cold-calling at its lowest. Or is it? Maybe the effort you expend in actually making face to face contact with people is a lot more valuable than you think. Especially if you do more than just introduce yourself and hand....

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The origin of the fee simple estate

Have you ever wondered why the standard REINZ/ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate uses the term 'fee simple' rather than 'freehold'? Aren't they the same thing. Actually, no. They're very closely related, however. You could even say that one is the parent of the other. Let's go back in time and learn a little land law trivia. When William met Harry We're not talking about two dashing young princes who routinely make media headlines. For this William and Harry, we need to go back to the year 1066. William of Normandy (France) expected to be successor to the English crown of Edward the Confessor. Harold of Wessex also had the same idea. It's a long story - real soap opera stuff, so let's skip all but the most important details...

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Whos's calling your shots?

New Zealand is a sporting nation. We’ve got the All Blacks, the rowing pair of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, and the delightful Lydia Ko, to name but a very few. Thinking about our sporting elite led me to wonder, what motivates a successful sportsperson? Is it the individual? The team? The coach? The sponsors? The fans? The competitors? In real estate, you’re in a similar situation. You, as a licensee, are the individual player, and you have the capacity to motivate yourself to higher and better performance levels. If you’re a salesperson,...

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When good goals go bad

This is the second of two articles – the first titled ‘Who’s calling your shots?’ is available here, in the Real Estate Coach Library. In an effort to improve their performance, a sportsperson may train to the point of injury. They don’t do this intentionally, of course, but by pushing themselves too hard over a relatively short term, they apply too much stress, resulting in damage and pain, effectively losing many of the long term benefits they sought. Often the problem results from focusing on one specific activity, such as shooting...

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